October is here!

The weather has finally turned and we are enjoying the best time of year in Kansas with cool nights and warm days.  To celebrate we are going to enjoy the KSU homecoming parade and have a barbecue at City Park, Poyntz shelter October 20th.  Join us at Bosco Plaza at the Union at 4:30pm as we walk to the parade.


Conversation Cafe Fall 2017

The first Conversation Cafe of the fall semester which features games, English practice, music, and snacks will be held Wednesday August 23rd at 7:00pm at the west lawn of Holtz Hall at the Kansas State University campus.  See you there!

Your Summer

Bridges international wishes you a great summer.  As we are now in the middle of summer vacation, we hope you are feeling refreshed.  My wife and I finished a great trip to Oregon with camping and time spent with our family there.  Kansas State Classes are beginning on solar eclipse day, Monday August 21st.  Stay tuned for our first social of the Fall 2017 school year.

Spring is slow to come

We are awaiting Spring in north central Kansas.  Some trees have blossomed, but the weather has been cold and wet.  Most of us are yearning for some days in the 60’s and 70’s where we can enjoy the new season.   In one’s spiritual life one can become impatient with what God is doing.  The Scriptures speak a good deal about patience.  This virtue is one of the qualities that Paul states we should put on as part of the “new clothes” that, being united with Christ, we have.  Take some time to read Colossians 3 to hear Paul’s perspective on life.

Kansas State Rodeo

Join us for the Saturday rodeo at Kansas State Weber Arena.  We are meeting there at 6:30pm Saturday February 18th.  This rodeo features contestants from Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  It is a unique event where one can really get a flavor of the Midwest.  There will be bare back riding (on a horse), calf roping, barrel racing, and my favorite, bull riding.  The cost is $10 with a student body card.  See you there!

Welcome to the new semester!

Bridges International would like to welcome all new international students to Kansas State University for the spring semester 2017.  We know that it doesn’t feel like spring, but the weather will gradually warm up once we get to April!  To beat the winter cold, we invite you to two special events:  we have badminton competition on Saturday February 4th at 2pm at the KSU recreation center and then on Sunday February 5th at 4pm there is a Super Bowl party at 1905 Bluestem Terrace, Manhattan.

Our weekly event is the Conversation Cafe on Wednesdays at 7:00pm in room #227 in the KSU student union.  Come for games, English practice, music, friendship, and snacks.

Welcome to Fall Semester 2016 KSU

Bridges International would like to welcome our new international students to the Fall Semester at Kansas State University.  We invite you to our ice cream and music night on Saturday August 20th at the Leadership Studies Building, Amphitheatre at 7pm.  On Wednesday August 24th at 7pm the Conversation Cafe will have its first meeting.  In that evening we will offer games, English circles, music, and snacks.  Our third event will be group game night at 7:30pm on Friday August 26th at 1905 Bluestem Terrace.